Who We Are

Jim McLennan

Jim McLennan - One of the first fly-fishing guides on the Bow River, Jim has been entranced by fly fishing and under the spell of the Bow and other Alberta trout streams since the 1970s. He initiated the establishment of Trout Unlimited in Alberta in 1978 and has continued to speak and write about trout and the places they live ever since.

Nada Rehman

Nada Rehman Nada moved from England 12 years ago and has focused much of that time on losing signal and finding fish in Alberta, usually with her young son in tow. Nada’s background is law and financial crime, and in 2021 she pursued conversations with our other founders to find a way to bridge the gap between existing conservation organisations and those with decision making power in Alberta, she has been instrumental in driving the group forward.

Dave Eaton

Dave Eaton Dave is now a full time Trout Bum who has been “chasing snouts” in Southern Alberta for more than five decades. He has an Ecology Degree and fisheries management experience working in both the private and public sectors. Dave put himself through university working as a Bow River Guide and he continues to pull the occasional trip upon special request. Dave is a passionate and outspoken defender of trout, wildlife and wild spaces.

Gary Hanke

Gary Hanke - Gary has exceptional knowledge and dedication in the world of sport fishing, especially in Alberta. He has six decades of fishing experience behind him and his previous conservation efforts include the founding of the Western Walleye Council. Today he is a fly-fishing educator headquartered in Edmonton.

Eric Grinell

Eric Grinnell - Eric has a background in biology and experience in the wildlife management field. This led to a career as a full time hunting and fishing outfitter and guide in Alberta. Currently still guiding fishing, he looks back over forty seasons on the Bow River. He has also held guide licences in British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador. His fishing interests in addition to Alberta trout include saltwater flats fishing and Atlantic Salmon.